my moms bday's coming up, help me pick a prezzie!!


    My mom is a cute short indian lady that is not crazy into fashion. Seriously she looks like a mom, leggings and all! My brother and I are going CRAZY trying to figure out what to get her when i decided to bring her into the LV world...she has a gucci and MANY MANY MANY coach's...but id like to update her every day bag! She currently has a coach black leather bag that she LOVES because it's excatly what she loves in a bag:

    * long straps
    * covered (as in nothing will fall out)
    * pretty and tottally classic

    soooo i saw this that i thought would be good for her, what do u guys think?

    It is the Monogram Mini Lin Saumur! Anyone haveit? love it? Hate it?

    LET ME KNOW! I have until friday to pick out a bag so if u guys dont like that one help me pick another!!

  2. Well i dont own the mini lin saumur, But i saw a lady wearing and it is beautiful. I think i would be a great gift.
  3. thanks glamorous (which i now know how to spell thanks to fergie!! hehe)
  4. I think the Mini Lin Saumur is a great choice!!!

    What are your thoughts on the MC Aurelia MM?
  5. i think that bag is hot as he double hockey sticks!!! and if i get that for her ill probably end up stealing it haha!! But i dont think she can handle anything in MC (not yet anyways) but so far i am thinking that one or

    Just the monogram Saumur

    or I think im falling for this one, its a bit less bulky and the specs look like her current bag (im afraid shes a creature of habit hehe)
    Its the Sologne

    btw this is what she currently rocks (and loves)
    the coach city bag

    thanksss for the advice and points outs JOHN!!! :smile:
  6. I think it's a great bag and it's larger than the Sologne. :yes:
  7. but its not too large is it? haha i feel like goldie locks!!! my moms soooo picky and if she ends up with a purse she doesnt like....(wait then i get it haha so maybe....haha nahh im not that evil :smile:
  8. They are all beautiful bags and similarly made. I would go check them out irl and try them on. I'm sure that she will love any one of them that you choose for her. And if not,she can always do an exchange.
  9. I think she would love them both. I would def. get the one that is closest in size to her current favorite bag. Good luck!