My mom's amazing find

  1. My mom does a lot of shopping in this consignment shop in an upscale area of town. She likes designer purses but is by no means a purse freak like we are! Anyway, she gives the shop owner so much business that she called my mom this week when a cerises speedy came in!!

    It belonged to an 80 year old woman who wasn't using it and wanted to sell it--the consignment shop owner was going to sell it for $800 but after a couple weeks no one had jumped on it so she called my mom and mom got it for $200--can you imagine! I don't think the lady selling it really knew what it was worth--I assume it's quite a lot since they don't make them any more. She's giving it to my sister for an early christmas present. I looked it over and it does look absolutely authentic...what a deal!
    I wish she had bought it for me!
  2. oh.. im so jealous, that sounds like a dream for me :Push:
  3. Wow, thats really a steal. Are you going to post pictures? Congrats to your sister! :smile:
  4. That is an absolute deal! Great deal, your sister will be excited for sure!
  5. Wow.
  6. that is awesome! i paid friggin' $995 for mine!
  7. wow i want a cherry speedy for 200 !!!!!
  8. WOW! I'm super jealous! Congrats for your mom!

    I need to go to these thrift stores...I heard of someone who got a vintage keepall for...get this...$3!!!!
  9. Somebody is going to have a great Christmas!
    I am speechless over this deal, that was the buy of a lifetime.
  10. Great deal! Congrats to your mom!
  11. Pics?
  12. Wow! great deal!!!
    I can only wish...
  13. Yeah...they are went on ebay a couple of months ago for about 250...authentic...snapped up by the "usual suspects"...LOL

    We'll be seeing it listed for upwards of 900 or so in a month or so...
  14. I took some pix with my PDA's camera, but I can't seem to get it to let me copy it into this post. I usually just try to copy and paste, but the user interface of the palm desktop doesn't seem to have an option for that...I'm so embarassingly computer illiterate! Maybe I can try to get one with my hubby's dig cam later and he can help.
    I'm going to visit sister in Chicago this weekend...will be taking the bag to her...she is going to be so excited! I'm a twinge jealous but really just happy for her--I make more $ than she does so I have a lot more designer bags. Just wish we lived in the same city so I could borrow it!
  15. WOW, awesome find.