my mom's 50th birthday is coming up soon & i wanna get her one of these 4 LV bags....

Mar 18, 2006
so my mom's 50th birthday is coming up soon and me & my sister are going to throw her a suprise party and i want to get her an LV bag too because all she has is prada and the one she uses all the time i hate and i tell her that too haha

she's picky, she likes bags that go over the shoulder and have zippers, and about these sizes:

so i was thinking the cabas piano, the boulogne, the popincourt haut, or the soufflot in black


Cabas Piano:

Popincourt Haut:


i'd rather bring her with us when we go buy it so she can pick it out but she'd KILL me because i'm only 18 and spending that much, but if she got it as a gift (suprise) she wouldn't dare to return it because she knows it'll break my heart haha i love the last 3 im kinda iffy with the boulogne idk why, but i cant decide which one more

opinions? or another bag that i didnt mention? thanx =)