My Moment of Zen

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  1. I had one of those crystallizing moments yesterday when you just come to a realization and its surprising to say the least.

    I have been buying bags almost nonstop since joining TPF almost 2 months ago. I think I bought a dozen bags, some wallets, etc.

    I have had a "Wishlist" at least 5 bags long from day 2 and then yesterday it occurred to me that I didn't really want anything on the list. At least not so much that I need to obsess over it. I no longer stalk eBay for bags. I haven't bought anything in about 2 weeks and am not seeking anything.

    I want for nothing. Have I seriously kicked the bag-bug? Has this happened to anyone else - you don't want anything and you are totally fine with that? It seriously went from feast to famine and I am not even peckish!
  2. I am happy with what I have right now. But I am always willing to add another bag to my collection
  3. ^^^Oh Im not saying if I see something tomorrow I wouldnt go for it, but it is nice to NOT have that chasing the purse dragon all day!
  4. I am not completely there, I too joined 2 months ago and bought lots of bags. I am just looking for 3 bags now and I think I am done. I am going crazy over bags too anymore.
  5. I think the craziness comes and goes. Our tastes change, too. I have a great collection now...but there are a few pieces I want...but all the urgency and hysteria is gone. They'll be there...and I will buy them...ON SALE!!!

    Enjoy your piece of mind and enjoy your handbags. Being satisfied is a "good thing."

    But remember, zen is elusive. Zen doesn't last. Unless you are a zen master!
  6. I have one bag on order and one other that I'm waiting for a big sale, but there is nothing else that I'm lusting over. Lately, I've been in the mood to save money. *gasp* - I know, it's shocking. I can't even believe I said that.:amazed:
  7. I think it comes and goes. I've been happy with my collection since Christmas, but just added a new spring/summer bag. I'm happy again, but would love nothing more than to get my hands on the ever-elusive, "perfect tote."
  8. I may be there soon... I am moving somewhere with a decent size closet so I will actually be able to SEE everything all at once... That just might do the trick... Although I think I would still love a Balenciaga City... another Sissi Rossi... and 1 or 2 Hayden Harnett lovelies... My wishlist is MUCH shorter than it was when I joined though... I think I wanted 10 bags from every designer! :lol:
  9. I'm glad you've found inner peace, grasshopper :P
  10. Oh sadly i am never satisfied with what I have. I am always searching for that perfect bag. This is my current obsession. But so glad you have found inner peace.
  11. Of course, I remove the wishlist and settle down, and then all of a sudden 7 of the Botkier bag I wanted before get posted on eBay. SEVEN! Where were these people when I was foaming at the mouth for that bag?
  12. I was like that for 4 months and actually had no bags. I was using a corduroy tote bag after selling off my coach, botkier and MBMJ bags....I used all the money to buy a sewing machine, fabric and other stuff.....and I stopped eating eating meat (seems to go hand and hand for me). I was feeling very simplified and yes, zen.
    And then I started feeling frumpy and icky and I just bought myself a new Botkier bag to cure myself of those horrid feelings! I go back and forth....but instead of keeping 1 or 2 bags, I sell them all in a zen induced frenzy!
  13. Most people go bag-crazy for a while after joining. It is like discovering food for the first time at an all-you-can-eat buffet! But after you sample what's there you get a better idea of what you prefer and what you don't, and sometimes you find you aren't even hungry at all! It is a MUCH better feeling to balance on that zen fence than to want for everything you see, so congratulations on reaching that point!
  14. I need that moment of ZEN to stop obsessing!! When I first joined the forum I was so addicted-I needed to see all the bags everyone was buying, saving pictures to my 'documents', I read every thread. This forum consumed all my free time!! I still find that I'm lurking until midnight and it drives me crazy. I currently only have 5 bags-LOL! I am getting close to being happy with what I have-I just need a few more bags first!! After that, I may try to stay away from here for a while because it's so hard when you see all these new bags and you want them. My biggest problem: I have to get brand names...I think once you get a taste of the better brands, it really is hard to go back. I hope I stay focused and only buy bags that I know I will get many years of use from them. I don't want to fall into the trap of a trendy bag and then have regrets later on. I think I'm doing good so far, I have one LV speedy, one Balenciaga city, one Marc Jacobs hobo and 2 Coach (one timeless/one trendy). I have a love/hate relationship with the purse forum for those reasons. I'm sure that I'm not alone!!
  15. TPF definitely played a BIG part in my most recent purchase - an LV Montorgueil GM. I wouldn't have even known it existed! I probably would have bought a Speedy (which is still in the plans) but it happened FAST after I joined....