My moment of fame! LOL

  1. I have a letter to the editor published in the September issue of Elle... P. 172 (yeah there are THAT many advertisements!) titled "Self-Love".

    I think it's pretty cool they picked my letter to publish, I'm sure they get many a month!
  2. cool !!!!!! could we read it here ??
  3. I'm not sure, I went to but couldn't find the letters to the editors online!
  4. Yay! Getting published in any way shape or form is fab!
  5. Wow thats great - it'll be a novel next then!!!? Its nice to know that those letters are real - I've never had a letter published.
  6. cool...I'll have to buy elle tomorrow and check it out
  7. Could you post it here? I'm sure we would love to read it!
  8. I will try and scan it in when i get back on to campus =)

    I'm too lazy to type it out, plus it kind of loses it's fabulousness if I type it out here! LOL
  9. Scan it here!! I know many people would love to see it!
  10. Scan! Scan! Scan! (and congratulation!):tup:
  11. COngratulations. I can't wait to read it. :smile:
  12. yay!! I"m going to run downstairs and look in my mag!!!!!!! :smile:
  13. That's awesome! Is it the LiLo cover???
  14. Yay that is so cool.
  15. Congratulations, that's a really big deal :tup:

    I would love to read it too :yes: