My mom spilled a big thing of tea inside my Hampstead MM.

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
    Someone spilled a big thing of tea inside my damier ebene Hampstead MM, all over the red lining. :sad: It was green tea, so clear liquid, it didn't have milk/cream or sugar inside it. She's tried to wipe it with a towel and it's currently drying but how else can I clean it?
  2. Not too sure what would be the best approach but if it were me I'd probably use baby wipes to clean it thoroughly (just to remove any colour). Since it's green tea I guess the smell is not unpleasant/too strong so it should fade over time. Sorry to hear about this and I hope it will turn out alright!
  3. I've had some success with baby wipes also - it takes some patience (you don't want to rub too vigorously), but they do seem to work.
  4. Thank you guys! The inside is the dark red lining, so right now it just looks wet, there isn't really much staining that I can tell (though we'll see once it dries). I guess it could be worse, it could have been coffee.
  5. You might want to blow dry the bag on a low/cool setting. I have no experience with this, but I would be concerned that mold could grow since the bag in a dark environment, especially in the space between the lining and the canvas. The risk is minimal since there was no sugar or milk in the tea, but green tea is an organic food.
  6. I had a can of soda spill inside my mono speedy 30- don't ask lol. I turned the bag inside out and used a hair dryer to dry the lining. It is best to use the hair dryer so the bag can dry quick and not smell. The only thing that sucks is that the piping is now darker due to the soda...but at least my bag is still ok to use.
  7. Thank goodness it didn't have sugar or cream in it. Tea does have tannin acids in it (even green tea.) I would try to clean the inside with baby wipes and then blow dry on a cool setting. Good Luck!
  8. Thank you so much everyone! Today has not been the best of days, LOL.
  9. I don't think it will be much of a problem when it dries- at least it wasn't black or "regular" tea. I'd definitely use the baby wipes to wipe the inside and try to turn the bag inside out or at least air it out to dry.
    If you use the blow dryer as other posters suggested definitely use the cool setting and double check it- you don't want to melt your bag.
  10. Is there an update? how did it turn out? soory it happened
  11. turn inside out and wash with a mild soap and cold water. It won't damage the purse (my niece left her chocolate melted in the damier pouch for 2 weeks and 1 day she told me and plan send in to Louisvuitton. And I said, let me see. It was messed. I decided to wash it with hand wash soap. And it works lol . No color fading)
    Otherwise, if the tea has sugar then that will eat off the fabric later because the baby wipe is not enough to wash away acid of sugar or salt.

    I love LV more after that washed. You can not do that with Chanel purse :P
  12. also, leave inside out to dry it by upside down. That way, water will drain out instead seating at its bottom. After it dried, you may condition the canavas with apple condition or so.
  13. do not forget remove the handles first.
  14. Does the inside kind of come out if you pull it inside out? I'd be doing this and perhaps gently washing it and letting it dry inside out. Hope that makes sense and I hope too that it doesn't show up once cleaned! :Push:
  15. Wet sponge and a hair dryer. You should be fine.