My mom rocks...

  1. we were shopping today and I found a magenta first I loved it but said oh I really only like hobos and my mother said I love it, look how great it looks with your outfit, (grey cashmere sweater, antik jeans) then I said yeah but I dont' want to spend the money and she said I WILL BUY IT FOR YOU!!!!!!!! GOtta love my mom I mean I am a grown woman with my own family but my mother still rocks!!!!! We didn't get it because she is deciding about a jaune SGH day that she loved. I think we will go back tomorrow!!!! :smile:))):yahoo:
  2. Aww your mom is too cool! Keep us posted on what you both decide.
  3. That's great! Keeps us posted!
  4. Wow, that's so awesome!! Magenta is soooo gorgeous - definitely post pics when you get her!
  5. aw that is so sweet! maybe your mom and u can post modeling pics of your purchases if it happens tomorrow! =)
  6. Awww.. that's so sweet. She sounds like my mom. She got me a bbag for my birthday because she knows that's what I'm into. Yeah for cool moms!!!:yahoo:
    I hope to be the same with my daughter.:yes:
  7. That is so nice!!! Can't wait to see pics when you get it. What a nice mom! :smile:
  8. I wish my mom would buy me a bag. Lucky girl.
  9. Can I be your long lost sister? Seriously, that is just so cool! I'm curious to hear if you go back (and what you come back with if you do)!
  10. What a nice mom!
  11. Your mom's so sweet!
  12. don't you just love moms? mrs. shoegal, how was the leather on the first? was it very veiny?
  13. Wow, how awesome! I hope she gets her GH day and you get your bag as well! Keep us posted!
  14. wow what a great mom, you are very lucky

  15. ITA!!!! :tup::tup::tup: