My mom just bought me a Chanel bag!!

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  1. My parents are in Hamburg-Germany for the weekend and she was thrilled to see that the Chanel Boutique was RIGHT next to their hotel! :yahoo:

    She bought me a biiiig white leather bag (not flap bag), Bigger than a medium Gucci Hobo, but more squarish with two long silver logo charms hanging down... They said it had JUST arrived and is from their summer 07 collection (is that allready out in stores???)

    Does anybody know which specific bag this is??
  2. summer collection definitely is not out yet, but spring (aka resort or cruise) should be!!
  3. ahh .. that sounds more right to me too ..

    IS the cabas made in white leather?? Could it be that one?
  4. it could be the baby cabas! yum! lucky you!
  5. no boutique will get spring until at least late january...the trunk shows haven't even started
  6. That was awesome of her. Now I am curious what bag it is.
  7. Are your parents looking to adopt another daughter??!! :P Congrats! Please post pics!!!
  8. Oh it the cabas? Lucky girl if it is!
  9. Congrats!!!!!!!!! Your parents are so sweet!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!!!!!!
  10. congrats! awesome if it's a baby cabas!
  11. lucky girl!!
  12. Sounds like a baby cabas! Lucky you!
  13. :graucho: i second that!

    and yes congrats indeed! i bet you can't wait to get it. Share pics with us when you do!
  14. i gues maybe its the baby coco cabas as well :heart:

    Luckkkkky u :yahoo: congrats:biggrin:

  15. sounds great!! I just saw a pic of the baby - gorgeus!!

    I'll ask to see if they want a few more girls in their family ;)

    uhhh I can't wait!!