My mom is the best!!!

  1. She got some $$ in a settlement and deicided she would use it to buy something fun for her 2 daughters!! My sister wants furniture, but I'm getting new diamond stud earrings. I'd been harassing the DH for them, but he's off the hook!!! (but he's stuck buying me a new engagemnt ring...LOL)

    Now the question big would you wear for everyday? I wear my 2ct. tw. everyday now.

    :tup: to my mom!!! You're the best!!
  2. That is fabulous! Congratulations. :smile: What a great mom.

    I can't help with the size...I have the tiniest studs that I wear (Sapphires, not diamonds) but not very often. I normally wear something dangly. :smile:
  3. i got some 1ct. hoops and 1/2ct. studs for my anniversary last year, I wear the hoops in my first hold and the studs in my second. I love them!!!
  4. as part of the wedding gift, my parents bought me princess cut solitare diamond studs. they are 3 ct and i think they are great for everyday wear. i would go up to 5 on round cut for everyday.
  5. hmm..I'm in the market for diamond studs too, and the SA that was helping told me not to get something TOO big as ppl may think they're fake (mind you, I do come from a small city where if I saw someone walking around with 1ct diamonds tw, I too would assume first that it's costume jewellry...)

    but anyway, sounds like your mom got you 2ct that is definitely awesome! can you post pics I'd love to see how big they really are!