My mom is chanel enabled!!!

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  1. I don't know if they do this in other countries, but in Holland we have mothersday, it's a day to thank your mother. Well, round one week ago it was mothersday and I wanted to give her something special. My mother wears sunglasses everytime the sun shines (else she gets headaches) so what is a better gift than sunglasses?
    So I took her to the shop and she piched out this one:

    And we took a picture together, both with our chanel sunglasses

    She was a bit shocked about the price, but really loves it!!!!
  2. awww.. how cute! You and your mom look fabulous together with your Chanel sunnies!
  3. Awww, that's very sweet of you! That sunnies look good on your mom!
    Yes, we have Mother's Day here too, for us, it was on May 13th this year. Father's Day is coming up in the States...June 17th. Don't forget about those dads... they can get very jealous
  4. Mother's Day in the US is always the second Sunday in May... I'd say it's a pretty big deal here too. You and your mom look great rockin' those sunglasses!
  5. you and your mom look great. love her new sunnies. she will want more from now on. heehee.
  6. How sweet of you! You both look fab!
  7. very sweet and cute!
  8. Very nice of you! Great pic of the both of you too! I'm sure she appreciated the kind gesture!
  9. thank you all, I hope she won't get addicted like me!!!!
  10. you and your mom look gorgeous :smile:
  11. you guys are beautiful!
    We have and appreciate mothers in the US on Mother's Day as well :biggrin:
  12. Great pictures, and what a lovely gift for mom. Thanks for sharing.
  13. so sweet! both of you look fabulous with your chanel sunnies!
  14. You guys are soo cute! What a great mother's day gift!
  15. Your mom has great taste - great choice of sunnies!