My Mom got a JOB!!!

  1. Some of you may remember my post about my mom moving out to Oregon and needing tips on how to type faster. Well that interview came and went... no she didnt get that job as her typing skills were subpar. But I got her another interview at my work's cafe and SHE GOT THE JOB!!! :yahoo: You dont even know how happy I am about the situation. She is on her way to apply for her new apartment right now. :yahoo: Which means that she should be moved out by the end of next week! **Happy Dance**

    You have no idea how badly I want my home back. Having her stay with us just brought out all the reasons I moved across country to begin with! :rolleyes:

    :drinks: :drinkup: :party:

    This seriously calls for drinks! :flowers:
  2. congrats!! go on out tonight and have a couple, you deserve it!
  3. Thats great news !!! :flowers: :heart:
  4. ahhhh well done to your mum, and well done to you, your house will be yours again very soon :biggrin:
  5. that is excellent news. congratulations to your mom! :biggrin: purse and food for celebration? ii think so!
  6. YAY! Congrats to you and your mom!
  7. Congrats!
  8. :yahoo: That's great!
  9. That's great news! Congrats!!:yes: :flowers:
  10. Thanks guys! :flowers:
    I just found out today that she got the apartment as well!!! What a relief! My house will officially be MINE again on the 1st of the month! :nuts:
  11. he he, great news. Put the champers in the fridge now, it will be perfectly chilled on the 1st ;)