my mom gave me a fake wallet for christmas.

  1. si I'm at my mom's house, opening christmas presents, and as I'm opening this one package,
    I notice the signature C's poking out of the top of some tissue paper.
    I pulled out the item, which was a horrible, horrible fake wallet.
    I look up at my mom, who is smiling from ear to ear and says, "well, what is it?"
    and i immediately start fuming. I'm thinking, I'm gonna go to wherever she bought this and demand her money back and then report them.
    I said, "mom, where'd you get this? but she kept saying, "whys it matter? its a coach wallet!"
    I finally got it out of her [after literally 15 minutes of insisting] that her neighbor gave it to her to give to me, "because she heard i liked coach".
    I said "Mom, how much did she give it to you for?"
    and shes like, "oh, thats the best part! she refused to take any money for it!"
    and so then, knowing that she got it for free, I told her that it was fake.
    she insisted. she said, "no, look! it says coach right on the front of it! [neighbor's name] said she got it at a COACH PURSE PARTY!"
    I just kindof wanted to throw up a little, for her lack of understanding.
    I said, "no, mom. purse parties are not real. do you honestly think that you can get a $400 purse for like, $50?" and she was like, "well. they have to be real! it says coach on it, jenn."
    i explained to her, for like, 3o minutes, how the world really works. lol.
    she then tells me that her neighbor [and my neighbor for 16 years when I lived at home!] HOSTS these parties ATLEAST ONCE A MONTH! :tdown:
    so arggg! i'm going to throw the wallet away, i've already decided.
    i kinda want to do something about what my neighbor is doing! my home town is now probably overflowing with these horrendous fakes because of her! and all of these people are scammed out of their money because they're getting a "real coach purse for cheap!"
    it honestly makes me want to :throwup:.
    i don't know what to do. help?

    p.s. when i was trying to explain to my mother about how i could tell it was fake,
    my boyfriend said, "you see, the c's aren't lined up correctly."
    and i looked at him and he was like, "i knew as soon as you pulled it out that it was fake."
    and it made me smile a little. I've taught him well.`:shame:
  2. First, that's cool about your bf knowing it was a fake! Good job! Next, I'm so sorry your mom was fooled but thank goodness she didn't pay for it. Lastly, selling fakes is illegal activity. The worst part of all is people thinking they're getting the real thing when they aren't. Can you discuss this with your neighbor at all? It's one thing to knowingly buy a fake but it's another thing entirely to sell them as if they are real when in fact they are not.
  3. Wow. That is unreal.
  4. Wow, I honestly would just let it go as hard as it may seem because it is not worth the tension or agravation. there are a lot of people walking around with fakes who obviously don't care and their bags will fall apart soon enough. The authorities are cracking down on these flea markets who sell fakes and THANK GOODNESS they make them obiously fake so that most people can tell. Just be happy that you wouldn't carry one and that is the only thing that matters oh and make sure you "accidentally " set off your neighbor's lawn sprinklers as people are walking out of their next purse party to ruin all their fakes (just kidding)
  5. Two weeks ago an acquaintance asked me how I liked her new "Coach" bag that she got at a purse party. UGH. The thing was so ugly - it was a Leigh with bad optic signature print. SO UGLY!! I told her it was fake and she insisted it was real as it "came with a certficate of authenticity". She then asked about my Tiffany bracelet I was wearing and said you could get those at the party as well for $50.

    I just shook my head.
  6. Poor thing! The same thing happened to me (MIL bought me a fake diaper bag)... not everyone can tell the difference, or even know that fakes exist. I'm glad you told your Mom, and hopefully something can be done about your neighbor.
  7. Ouch, sorry to hear about this... your neighbor really needs some action taken though.

    I do have a question though...if selling fakes is illegal, then why did I see three stores in the mall on Monday selling replicas? Not even "inspired" stuff [which I saw too... :push::tdown:] ... but ACTUAL FAKES. In such a public place where you have to sign contracts to lease out a spot in the mall, wouldn't they not allow this sort of activity?
  8. Oh, your poor mommy!!! Stupid neighboor...please ask your mom to stay away from those parties.
  9. I'd turn your neighbor in next time you see her having a "party". I'm sorry you got a fake. That is SO disappointing. :cursing:
  10. That would never fly in Hawaii... but here in Texas, I see kiosks and booths all the time! I call the mall management and tell them about it, and mention that if I don't see the fakes removed I'll contact the police, who will be paying both the vendor and the management office a visit. That worked that time, but I'm not at the malls often enough to catch all of the replicas being sold. I'm sure if you made a couple of phone calls the fakes would disappear.

    A lot of times the purses are purchased by the owners of stores looking to make a quick buck. You can buy most items wholesale then mark them up 300%... and I'm sure all they care about is the profit.

    Most malls don't actually have a system in place to catch counterfeit bags, and rely heavily on customer reports, so don't be afraid to call!
  11. Maybe you could politely return it to the neighbor during her next party and let all the guests know it's a fake. Of course they probably already know that and that's why they are there. I can't imagine the rest of us falling for the purse party scam.

    I'm sorry about your gift, but I'm glad you were able to explain it to your mom.
  12. thats awful :sad:
    I feel bad for those who really think they are real..getting scammed, ick...
  13. Most people who have those parties (or attend) KNOW that they are fake and don't care. They think it's a fabulous steal and that they are so hip and cool. Barf!

    I'm sorry your mom did that. It's good of you to enlighten her. And I LOVE that your boyfriend knew! That is so great!!! =)
  14. ^^My mom is one of those people!!

    She claims it's "close enough."

    No mom, it's really not. Good try though!!

    She just got 2 fake wallets as well..for free. I'm sure they're real mom...agh she'll never learn!!!
  15. I am so sorry those fakes look CHEAP! but don't be to hard on you're mom since they grew up not being as interested in handbags, shoes, etc...
    but at least she was trying to do something nice for you.
    Just take it, and give it to a young niece or some young teenager, they'll love it.!!!!