My Mom and I were shopping....

  1. not at Coach amazingly. LOL. Just at Mervyn's. I was using my Soho Hobo (dark brown) and my Mom was using her newest bag (which just arrived yesterday), the Soho Leather Large Satchel in black:


    And I was off looking at one section, and my Mom in another...and this woman came up to her, and said: "Is that what I think it is?"

    Mom: "What?"

    Woman: "That."

    Mom, looks around not seeing anything particularly eye catching, and a wee bit annoyed. "What? What are you talking about?"

    Woman: "Your bag! Is that one of the New Coach bags?"

    Mom: "Yes it is!" :yes:
  2. How cute! I love that satchel. Do you guys ever borrow each other's bags?
  3. Not usually...only because I have enough trouble with my own bags (using them all). She also likes a bit more of a structured bag than me.
  4. That is such a cute story! That satchel is very nice and classic.
  5. awww! that's fascinating! i like your mom's bag =0
  6. lol! don't you just love that? how pple know the most current bags?

    :smile: did you guys get anything at meryvns?
  7. Tee hee! Of course, I got some Polos for work and some Levi's Capris. I think I might be ready for Spring!

    My Mom got some workout gear.
  8. cute story!!!
  9. Awww! Cute story! Tell your mom that is one GORGEOUS bag!
  10. They pulled all the Mervyns out of Michigan, so bummed, I used to shop for all my Nike, sandals etc there.

    Love the new Black Satchel!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I love that satchel!! I tried to talk my mom into getting it, but she got the smaller signature soho satchel instead. The black is pretty, but I am loving it in the white. Although with 4 kids I don't know if I could ever keep a white bag clean!!