My moka quilted bay~ FINALLY!!!

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  1. :yahoo: I was so happy yesterday~ My moka quilted bay has finally arrived!!!

    :tender::heart: I love my bay, is so pretty and the colour is gorgeous!!!

    Some pics (including a pic of my Chloe family - craie paddington & cognac silverado):
    DSC02395.JPG DSC02398.JPG DSC02410.JPG DSC02406.JPG
  2. Lovely family! :love: Congrats on your latest purchase!
  3. OMG:drool: GORGEOUS!!!!
  4. That's a beautiful family.
  5. Do you mind tell me where did you get the "moka"?
  6. hey Dollygirl, I am so pleased you finally found your Moka Quilted- she was worth the wait!!!
  7. :yahoo:Well done finding your Moka Bay - I'm really pleased for you! :yahoo:

    I love your pics and the rest of your Chloe collection....especially your Silverado :heart:
  8. :flowers: Thanks everyone!!
    She definitely worth the wait :blush:

    Thank you Balchlfen!
  9. congrats!! i love the other bags as well.
  10. Ooooh Pretty :yahoo:
  11. It's gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  12. This purse looked so darling on Misha Barton, I'm sure it will on you too!
    Must post pics.:heart:
  13. :girlsigh: Thanks, RoseMary, Cat_uk & annettedp!!!

    susieserb, Thanks~ but Mischa Barton is much more prettier than me!!
  14. Wow, gorgeous bag and gorgeous collection!!!!
  15. Can I ask where you got it?
    I REALLY REALLY want one, but can't find them anywhere... (i'm in the UK)