My Modest SA Coach Collection

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  1. Finally got around to taking a photo of my Coach Collection. Not as impressive as a lot of you ladies, hehe.

    From left to right: Slim 'Thompson' Tote in SV/MA, Karla's Clutch in B4/BK, Kristin 'Darcy' Clutch B4/Green, Poppy Sequin Uni Case B4/Blue Jean, Madison Sabrina 'Travel' Bag in B4/BK.

  2. all such beautiful pieces in your collection, homme_boy! luv all that leather!!
  3. Nice collection!
  4. very very nice!! You have an eye for truly luxurious pieces!
  5. Quality not all of them, especially the Kristin clutch!
  6. You have a BEAUTIFUL collection. Each and every piece is classic and gorgeous. Says a lot about a person ;)
  7. You have an awesome, well-edited collection. I'm drooling over that Karla's clutch!
  8. Love it!!!
  9. Beautiful Collection!
  10. I love your collection! I really like the Thompson and Harrison lines for men. I have purchased a few pieces to use as work bags. Great choices!
  11. Thanks everyone!

    The question is now, what's lacking? Any suggestions? I definitely want another bag. Currently, there isn't much that has caught my eye. Well...except for maybe the Hamptons Croc Embossed Carryall.
  12. Very Nice Collection!!
    I especially like the Thompson Slim tote!!
    I have the Hampton Croc Carry All!!! Very Nice and BIG!!!!! I got mine at Nordstrom and the male manager of Handbags tried it on. It looked Great on him!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. Your collection is classy and dreamy:smile: Love the karla's clutch too.
  14. Love your collection!! I adore your Karlas Clutch!! Stunning!!
  15. beautiful collection ~ it is not about quantity, but quality and you have gorgeous pieces!!