my modest collection

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  1. here's my modest collection :shame:

    Attached Files:

  2. Very nice collection, and very modest!!:P Lovely bags xx :biggrin:
  3. P.S i recognise that one at the very end....:biggrin: :biggrin:
    By the way, what is the bag in the second picture, far right..? (forgive my ignorance lol) x
  4. Very nice! A bit of this and that! I like the shade of yellow on the tote in the third picture. :smile:
  5. Looks good!
  6. Cute :biggrin:
  7. Very nice!!! Thank you for sharing.
  8. I love the patina on your Speedy! Nice collection!
  9. I agree the color on that yellow tote is really lovely. Cute piece!
  10. Modest, but you've got class girl!
  11. The pantina in your speedy is to die for long have u had it.. did you put anything on it??
  12. actually i bought the speedy from zoomom...i just received it on saturday. i don't have $$ right now to buy it brand new coz i'm saving up for a house, and besides, i like the darker patina better than the ones on a brand new bag.
  13. hehe i'd die for a collection like yours :biggrin:
  14. thanks...i got it when i went to the philippines in january. it caught my eye right away because the color was so cute.
  15. Very nice collection!
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