My modest collection - slowly growing it!


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Oct 17, 2006
Hi, here's my small collection. Got into the act of colelcting in the middle of this year and trying to grow the collection.

I started off with 2 MC pieces, inspired by my sister - the black mini speedy and black pochette. The white mini speedy was a gift from my sister (she didn't want it anymore). I can't remember when I got the wallet (couple of years ago). Since then I have bought and sold: Mono Speedy 30, Mono Pap 26 and Mini Mono Kathleen in cherry pink.

Then I bought my damier speedy in June this year and it all went downhill (for my bank account) and uphill (for my collection).

June: Damier Speedy 25
Aug: Damier Trousse
Oct: Black MC Trouville
Dec: Red Epi Speedy 25 and Cerises Speedy

I LOVE all these babies!:heart:


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Thanks Ladies for all your nice comments! :yes:

Castocreations, I regret to say that I have since exchanged my red epi speedy for something else. I will post updates in a while.

Thanks all!
Here was my post on the ban thread. An update to my collection:

Alright, another confession:

I know I am on a ban, but I did the unthinkable. 2 unthinkables actually.

I went to LV today.

Not to buy new stuff, but to exchange my red epi speedy for something else.

I took some time to think about it and realized that the epi speedy wasn't quite my style because the shape is a little too structured, unlike my other speedies that slouch. I love the red colour ,but I had to admit that the buy was an impulsive one. I took it last night, thinking of using it, but gave up in the end.

The LV store here doesn't allow for returns, so I had to exchange it for something. I looked around for the longest time.

Looked at the wallets. Bags. Catalogue. Wallets again. Bags again. I loved the accessories, but i wasn't going to spend all that US$800+ on them.

The only thing that caught my eye was the mono lin speedy, with a fantastic gold-brown pastilles bracelet on it. Oh... that's more my kind of thing. I figured I will get more mileage on it.

The SA gave me the weirdest look because it was an exchange of one speedy for another. Oh well.....

Here's my new baby.

I hope the red epi speedy find a lovely mistress soon. I still love her man.


Merry Christmas all!


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Thanks John! :smile:

Here are more additions to my collection, although I got them some time back:

1. Damier Cles
2. White Inclusion Speedy Keychain


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Oh.... and how could I have forgotten about her????

My favourite bag of all times! :love: Top of my "bags-i-regret-not-buying" list. I just got her a couple of weeks back!

The Cerises Speedy!:yahoo:


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