My modest 1 year collection

  1. Fabulous collection! :nuts:

    I'm a Bal gal at heart :love: so this one's my fave:


  2. Lovely collection, Celine was my favorite!
  3. great collection
  4. Great collection!
  5. dear
    where did you get this awesome deal? 70% off! that's insane!
  6. What a gorgeous, thoughtful collection!! I love that all the things on here have stories behind them! It makes them that much more meaningful. :smile:
  7. I love that clutch! It's really 100% perfect! :heart:
  8. Love your storytelling. You've made beautiful choices in your bags and shoes. What a lovely thread. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Great collection. 8) I love your YSL clutch!
  10. Those shoes rock
  11. Fabulous
  12. LOVE everything in your collection - you have such beautiful classy style! I want that ysl clutch now! :p
  13. I love your Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes!!
    Christian Louboutin is my absolute favorite shoe brand. But I do have a fondness for Gianmrco Lorenzi. Their shoes are OUT OF CONTROL. I love them!!
  14. Wow that is all amazing!!! Shoes are pretty.
  15. i lvoe your ysl clutch :smile: