My modest 1 year collection

  1. I couldn't help but feel for you given your ordeal to get your BDJ clutch but it is adorable.

    I also LOVE your Celine ostrich bag. Every piece is lovely in your collection and those shoes are divine.

    Not sure if you are now married, but congratulations!!!
  2. The Celine Daydream is gorgeous! And the shoes will be soooo perfect for your wedding! Congrats in advance!
  3. Lovely collection .... love the RED paddy. :heart:
  4. Wow very modest and elegant. :smile: Lovely taste.
  5. The shoes look amazing on you. Congrats on your engagement and great collection. Who whould have thought a ring would have lead you to tpf.
  6. Thanks a lot ladies for your sweet comments !! I very new to the designers world and your support mean the world to me ! I will post the rest of my shoes and accessories collection as soon as I have a moment
  7. Yes :smile: and that same ring also made me stop biting my nails because I couldn't stand seeing that ring with ugly nails :smile: I will post a picture of the ring later on
  8. your whole collection is just stunning :heart:
  9. Thanks a lot for viewing my collection there is still more to come :smile:

    These were my first designer shoes. I got them in an outlet in Paris for a steal. I like how versatile they are. I wear them to go out and at work as well when I want to dress up my outfit. They are classic but still have this hint of originality that I'm always looking for ...
    Here are my silver Dolce and Gabanna sandals...

    What is funny is that I own two silver sandals and no silver clutch to go with them, and one gold clutch and no gold shoes :roflmfao: I guess I'm just not a clever shopper ...
    P1060391.JPG P1060389.JPG P1060392.JPG P1060393.JPG P1060395.JPG
  10. My second designer shoes are CLs :heart:

    I was a loyal TPF reader at that time and was completely obsessed with CLs... I spent weeks lucking at all your beautiful CLs... I had to have at least one pair so I patiently waited for the sales and run to the store...
    I got these beautiful declic 120 in patent purple and my friend got some greissimo 140 in red.

    I do not wear them very often simply because I almost can not walk in them! I have tried everything but never mastered them. I keep them for occasions where I don't have to walk at all, when we go to the restaurant for example. But it is still a real pleasure to have them, I often play with them, take pictures... CLs are the sexiest shoes I have never seen and them can make any women look like a model.

    I guess CLs are not for me but I can't help myself from admiring you ladies because you are able to walk, work and dance in CLs !
    P1050498.JPG P1050501.JPG P1050503.JPG P1050505.JPG P1050508.JPG
  11. Some more pictures of my CLs :heart:
    P1050509.JPG P1060372.JPG P1060374 - Copie.JPG P1060374.JPG
  12. After getting the CLs I figured out I needed some classic black work shoes that I would be able to walk in :smile:
    I scored these MBMJ on sale.
    I love them ! I really like the little bow which is adding a girly touch and the flower designs in the leather...
    I wear them a lot at work and for formal occasions
    P1060378.JPG P1060381.JPG P1060383.JPG P1060384.JPG P1060387.JPG
  13. I have two more pairs of shoes to show but need to take pictures so I will post tomorrow. Thanks again for viewing and all your nice comments :smile:
  14. That's funny. I got engaged in November last year and since they I always feel like my nails have to be done because I feel like the ring deserves a nice display aka my hand.

  15. I completely understand this feeling ! Congrats on your engagement !