my modern chain tote

  1. i bought the modern chain tote few months back and i wish i hadnt i want to get rid of it any suggestion, i would like to sell it and purchase a new bag from the spring collection.
  2. Well, it sounds like you know what you want to do...go for it! Sell it and get what you want.
  3. it is such a nice purse but it is just toooooooo heavy is it even in style anymore????
  4. Do you mean the east west modern chain tote? I am not sure which one you mean.
  5. yes it was the infamous nicky hilton bag big bag, modern chain tote i think from 2007 fall collection
  6. If its the one with the metal chain - you can sell it on eBay. I've seen them go for over retail.

    If its the one with the plastic chain - that has been recalled so you can take it back.
  7. Is it black with the glazed leather or matte leather? Both seem to sell really well on eBay.
  8. that bag isn't for everybody. I hope you used the money from it to get a Chanel you just totally love :smile:
  9. I've also seen this bag sell well on eBay. I found this bag quite heavy as well, so definitely get something that you love! Good luck.
  10. I don't think you'll have any problems with selling it on ebay. They have been selling like hot cakes for $2,000 plus. Hopefully you can recoup some of the money and get something you really like. I was really wanting one of these, but I heard they were a tad heavy on the shoulder. They sure are pretty to look at though!
  11. I've read ur comments abt the bag u got, but i can tell that you are sort of 100% sure that you want to sell this bag and use it for gettin another bag that you want. Jus follow ur thoughts.
  12. it is the leather one, not the glazed and it is the modern chain not the plastic, i saw some purses with plastic chains and i was so disgusted i cant believe chanel would put cheap plastic on their beautiful bags, bad move.
  13. i would love a luxe ligne lamb bowler..............
  14. i like the modern chain flap though. thought the chain's way too heavy for a tote bag
  15. The luxury bowler was never made in lamb, unless the new season is using lambskin?