My MOCA adventure...

  1. DH and I went on a 6 hour road trip this past weekend to go to MOCA. With the lovely advice from SweetPurple (thank you so much:flowers:) and a little research on the internet, this weekend totally rocked! BTW...I'm 7 months pregnant so a 6 hr. road trip is very much an accomplishment:shame:

    It wasn't quite as busy as I thought it was going to be. We completely skipped standing in line since I pre-purchased our tickets to get into the exhibit. Made a bee-line straight to the LV boutique upstairs and ended up getting my Neverfull PM, rond, and mono agenda. SA said no more MC agendas:hysteric: but at least I came home with what I wanted. Not much of a "big bag lady" so I passed on the MM.

    Afterwards, took a stroll to the gift shop and picked up some more goodies. Can you believe they were selling a huge smiley flower pillow for around $297?:nogood:

    We then got a chance to enjoy the artwork and exhibits. That was soo much fun!!!
  2. My new Rond...
  3. Glad you had a great time, kudos to you for enduring a long ride and then being on your feet all day !!!
    Congrats on your new purchases and on your new addition !!!
  4. The newest addition to my collection of small agendas...

    It comes with the 2008 inserts, some post-it notes, stickers and cute note paper.:tup:
  5. LOL...Good for u !!Cant beleive u went that far pregnant!!What a PFer will do for an LV!(I totally woulda done that too!HEHEHE!)
  6. My new PM. I love the tag attached to the bag!:love:
    3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  7. wooo congrats on the goodies!!!! kudos to your hubby for taking you to LA!
  8. And finally, some goodies from the gift shop.
  9. Yay ... you did it! Congrats on your goodies! Hope you had fun!
  10. excellent adventure you had beautiful goodies :O)
  11. Me after a fun-filled couple of hours at the exhibit.
  12. wow, congrats on your goodies! I'm glad you got to go! they should make it into a traveling roadshow haha.
  13. Thanks travelbliss, SweetPurple, Caley, and inch37! It was soo exhausting but I had a great time. DH even drove all the way home since I had to work today and he didn't.

    Jill: I so know what you mean. I am a nut for wanting to go to LA. My 11 year old said "You're going to LA for a bag and how big is it?":shame: Every time I saw a car on the highway with our state license plate it, I thought "Oh, they went to MOCA.":lol:
  14. Congrats!
  15. Congratz!!! LVoe the rond~