my mj venetia broke!

  1. hi everyone,

    i'm new here, and usually am just content with lurking. however, today my venetia's pushlock fell off! actually, just the portion that you push on has apparently broken off (i'm not sure exactly how this happened), and just fell to the ground while i was waiting for the subway.

    has this ever happened to anyone else? i don't know what to do now. i got it a few months ago as a gift from my parents. i guess i could take it to the marc jacobs store on bleecker to see if i can get it fixed, but will that take a long time? is there a quicker, more convenient option?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Oh no! That's awful! I'm not sure how long it'll take, but I'd got to the MJ store, and see what they say. If you still have the piece that fell off, maybe a shoe repair place can fix it, if the MJ store won't. Good luck, I hope it all works out.
  3. Oh geez that's awful!! Keep us posted on what happens..Do you still have the piece that fell off?? Good luck!! :heart: Emmy
  4. Definitely take it to the MJ boutique...
  5. What!!! MJ boutique might not replace push lock on bag??
  6. You should definitely take the bag to the boutique. If they give you a hard time, you should ask your parents where they got it from. If they purchased it from a department store, maybe they can fix it.

    Good luck! Sorry to read about your hardware problems.
  7. I agree with the girls, good luck with solving that problem! I'm sure you'll find a way to take care of it...
  8. Omigosh, that's terrible!! Yes, definitely take it to the boutique or to the retail store where your parents bought the bag. Good luck and let us know what happens!
  9. the exact same thing happened to my venetia...called the mj store and all they did was refer me to a shoe repair shop. we'll see if they'll be able to fix it! tadpolenyc, did you happen to get yours fixed??
  10. The SA at the MJ boutique told me that when you buy a bag from the boutique they guarantee it for life and will send it to Italy to be repaired.

    He told me that when you buy it from a dept. store the bag falls under the dept. store warantee policy.
  11. One of the little metal feet fell off my Venetia, and I contacted MJ customer service, and they had me send it in (to somewhere in NJ I think) and they repaired it for free and then sent it back to me. You can check the MJ website for info, or call one of the stores. When I called the store, they directed me to customer service.

    I'm so sorry that happened. I would be really PO'd if one of my pushlocks fell off!:wtf:
  12. i got this email back when i emailed this sound legit?

    ship the bag to:
    Moda Express
    900 Secaucus Rd
    Secaucus NJ 07094
  13. Yes, that sounds familiar to me! I do recall the place was in NJ somewhere. I was really nervous about sending my bag in, but I truly had no problems.

    I tucked a card with my name, address, and telephone number in every pocket just in case they lost the note I enclosed.

    They gave you a reference number, right? You have to make sure to include that when you send it.

    Good luck!:heart:
  14. i sent a bag there to be repaired also. they are fairly quick - just be sure you include all your contact info in the box and a description of what you need fixed! they should've also given you a SRO# (service repair order)