My MJ Ursula Bowler (dreambag) is here!

  1. Ever since I became obsessed with MJ bags, this is the one bag that has eluded me! I always wanted something in Urusula, and totally fell head over heels for the large bowler and midnight blue color!

    I got her on eBay, new with tags from a member of tPF, although she isn't really too active a member. When I opened the box...I found it hard to breathe, such is my love for this bag!

    The first pic shows the closest IRL color, the 2nd is the color taken with flash, and the 3rd is on me. I'm 5'8" for reference. The last one is my puggle puppy Cooper, he's a camera-hog. :p
    ursulabowler2.jpg ursulabowler1.jpg ursulabowler3.jpg ursulabowlercooper.jpg
  2. YAY!! congrats, I'm glad that you finally got your ursula! That is such an amazing color! Make sure next time you come to bloomies to see me you bring it with you!!!
  3. wow~! congrats! she is so gorgeous~ :flowers::drool:

    Cooper is cute too! he kinda frowned there.
  4. Beautiful! - Congrats!
  5. Aww, thanks all! I'm SO in love, FI is rather annoyed.

    ROBERT!! Is that you? I'm SO bringing this bag the next time I'm at bloomies! I've missed you, are you back from your vacation yet? I need to use my giftcards, I'm coming sometime this week =)

    nocturne76, thanks! Coops frowns all the time, even when he's happy, I think it's the pug in him!
  6. Gorgeous bag, many heads will turn when you walk by with that bag on your arm:drool:!!!!!
  7. Beautiful bag! I've always loved the midnight blue from this line. She looks great on you.
  8. CONGRATS!!! Awesome bag! (and love your puggle, too!)
  9. yeah, it's me! I will be back on friday! come on down and we'll put those cards to good use!
  10. wow... it's sooo pretty couturefemme!!! i think you made the right choice and waiting for this bag- i love the bowlers. congrats!!!

    my best friend has a puggle named kiki- we should fix them up :smile:
  11. congrats!!!!
  12. love it, congrats!!
  13. congrats!! I'm glad you got it! i remember you posted it in the auth. this thread!

    it feels so good to get a new bag, doesn't it? esp when its one you wanted for a while!!

  14. i have always loved that bag...i am in need of something blue!
  15. It's gorgeous! What an amazing color! Congrats!

    Your puggle is just adorable too!