My MJ Stam saga

  1. Like Jill, I have my own MJ saga to add...I think my own :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: started this, and no one else really understands, so I wanted to vent to my fellow's an extremely long, sorry :shame: .

    In late May, I decided that I was going to purchase a MJ Stam. In the store, I was debating between the classic Black and Camel colors. Since I own quite a few black bags, I decided to be BOLD and get the Camel - it's peanut-buttery goodness got me. After using it for about a week, I noticed that the handles became discolored - to the point of them turning white. Having owned many MJ bags and treating them very well, I was surprised that this happened. Luckily, the SA who sold me the bag let me exchange for another Camel Stam. However, I got even more :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: because of the experience with the first bag - the Stam is the most I've ever spent on a bag so a lot of my hesitation comes from that - I was SO afraid to use it. I decided to return the bag, and get it in Mouse.

    I had heard so many wonderful things about the Mouse color, and I thought that it would be easier to maintain. So, I ordered it from since it wasn't out anywhere locally. Because of the price of the bag, NM sent it through FedEx Home Delivery, which requires MY signature. Since I work late and never home when deliveries are made, I asked them to re-route it to my office, and paid more $$$ to do that. Where did they deliver the bag? TO MY HOUSE! They have a "three try" policy before sending it back to the shipper, so I took off of work early, and drove to a weird industrial park about 40 minutes away just to pick up the bag. While there, the FedEx reps ignored me for about 10 minutes, talking on the phone with other customers (basically, lying that they could not help THOSE customer either since there was a huge line in front of them...I was the only non-FedEx person there). I finally got my package, and drove straight home.

    When I got home, I ripped open the would think that it was Christmas the way I dove into it. Unfortunately, when I pulled the bag out, I HATED the color! It is definitely taupey and would go with a lot, but it looked drab to me and like mud. I really didn't want to go through that and NOT love the bag. So, I took it back to Neiman's. The SA there was really nice, and he said that he would try to look for the bag for me and call back.

    The next day, he called back to say that while there were a few of them around the company, no one he spoke with was willing to charge send it because it's a HOT bag. What the :censor: ?!?!?!? So, I decided to order it in Black from, especially since I had a free shipping coupon and expedite it to next-day shipping to my office.

    A little aside....I used my NM account, and there is a password on the account. Usually, when I place an order, I tell them what my password is so that everything runs smoothly. Yesterday, I realized that the bag hadn't arrived (ordered it over the weekend) and I thought it was odd. So, I called and they said my account came back declined! I was SO pissed because there is NO BALANCE on my card, so there was NO WAY it could have declined...which meant that someone forgot about my password! I called back, and they were like "oops", in anger, I canceled the order.

    I called the SA that helped me last week, and told him the entire saga. He was SUPER NICE and finally convinced someone to charge send one to me. So, crossing my fingers, I will get the Stam in Black later this week or next week at my office.

    I know I could have purchased it from somewhere else (like MJ or Saks), but I felt really bad and embarassed about the entire situation. I really wanted someone at Neiman's (esp. the SA who helped me) to profit from this purchase since I returned/exchanged so many times on this one purchase. I have never EVER had any purchase be this difficult (or, ME being so difficult), so I feel emotionally-vested in this.

    Just wanted to vent...and if anyone has managed to read this far, thanks for letting me vent.
  2. Sorry to hear about your saga, SuLi. I hope you get your perfect black Stam soon.
  3. I hope you'll get your perfect black stam soon too... and vent away, we're here to 'listen' (or read :smile:)
  4. oh, this is terrible!!!! I never knew NM could be sooo sloppy.

    I hope u will love the black stam, I have a black stam from NM as well. I don't have the color problem with the handle so far. Hope urs will be fine as well.

    Don't worry, venting is a healthy thing :tender:
  5. i've been on the hunt for a stam myself. i hope you get a perfect one!
  6. I remember when you returned the Camel! I hope you love the Black.
  7. I'm soooo sorry to hear about your ordeal! There was a period of time last year when I was having zero luck with handbags - every one that I ordered came damaged. It was frustrating. I've got my fingers crossed that you get a perfect black stam with no hassle!
  8. ahhh, what a story. So sorry to hear about all the trauma that you have experienced :sad:

    I really hope that the black is the perfect bag for you, please let us know when it arrives what you think of it :smile:
  9. at least you have your fellow PFers to vent too. I hope you get your black stam soon SuLi.
  10. SuLi
    Sorry about your handbag saga. I live in DC and have noticed that its like pulling teeth to get the SAs at Tysons to locate something for you. In the future, you can always try Saks at Chevy Chase and ask for Niki - she has always been able to locate things for me (as long as Saks carries it) and is very nice. Good luck!
  11. OK, you too deserve to go out and treat yourself to a nice wallet and another bag just becuase of this. can someone say retail therapy?
  12. Wishing you great Stam karma, SuLi!!!
  13. Retail Therapy! Lol!

    SuLi, I'm sorry about all the crap you've been thru. I hope you get your Black Stam and it will be the one so you can finally close this chapter once and for all. {{HUGS}}:heart:
  14. ARGH! I so know how you feel..LOL....I think MJ bags are cursed this month...what is up with that???LMAO....
  15. I hope the black Stam turns out to be the keeper!