My MJ stam bag family~~lovely~~

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  1. here are my three MJ stam bag....I love them all~~

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  2. What a lovely Stam family. Mama, Daddy, and the little baby.
  3. your collection is lovely ... thanks for sharing
    i reallly liked the small black one
  4. The little one just so cute~~but many people think that is too small~~
  5. Nice Collection! I love the white chiffon!
  6. Very pretty stam collection...thanks for posting! Especially love the white...
  7. great collection mcbeauty!
    I love the white chiffon, and the black baby stam! Super cute!
  8. The white on is gorgeous! Drooling on my keyboard :drool: .
  9. Oh, you have just made me sooooo jealous! Such a nice collection you have.
  10. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing these pics!:love:
  11. Amazing collection of stams! You've got a diverse selection of stams...
  12. Those are beautiful bags - how ever do you decide between them which one to take out?
  13. Great collection.
  14. I love the little baby!