My MJ Satchel

  1. Hi everyone! I posted a while back and promised pics of my purse but time ran away from me. Anyway, here are a few pictures of my baby :smile: It was my first MJ purchase and I love it so much!!
    MJ1.jpg MJ2.jpg MJ3.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Congrats on such a beautiful bag! I love the black leather with white top stich combo! Can you carry this as a shoulder bag or is it more of a crook of the arm bag? Seems divine!
  3. Oh...I love this! It's so gorgeous. I'm curious too as to whether you can carry it comfortably on your shoulder. Please let us know when you get the chance.
  4. Hi girls! Yes, you can carry it (and quite comfortably, I might add) as a shoulder bag. That's usually the way I tote it around, because if I do it the other way I end up bumping into people on the subway or along the street and they get a little mad at me :P

    Thanks for the compliments, and the next MJ on my wish list is a zip clutch in black.
  5. Love it!! I really like the large satchel style. Congrats Crysti!!:yes:
  6. I have this exact bag and absolutely love it!! Congrats!:jammin: I wish I could have gotten it in other colors. You have it filled just right. It looks fab.
  7. Awesome to hear ^^ that its another comfy MJ shoulder bag!
  8. Looks wonderful!! Love it!