My MJ Ivory Stam is wrinkled.......

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  1. Hi Ladies, I am not usually around in this section, a Mulberry Girl at heart. I have a couple of MJ bags and am concerned the leather on my MJ Ivory Stam is wrinkling on the back. :shucks:

    Is this normal.....................will it get worse?

    It's an older model about 2006 I think, in gorgeous condition and gets very occasion use. I remember seeing the wrinkling on a couple of quilted sections on the back previously but it seems to be getting worse.

    What can I do :sad:

    I feed and nourish her and always keep in the dustbag???????????
  2. Could you post a picture of it?
  3. Okay will do,
  4. Do you store the Stam "sitting up"? I wonder if you mean the quilts are sagging from the gravity (this would be closer to the bottom of the bag). Chanel bags get this way too over the years when they are stored upright.

    I don't mind this "sag". Maybe you can store it laying on its side to prevent further wrinkling.
  5. Hi,

    I have finally posted some pictures of my wrinkles!

    What do you think, they are really bad on the back but the front is still gorgeous. The handles are also staring to do it slightly

    Any ideas, I dont want it to get worse,

    The last pic shows the front as it should look
    wrinkles 3.JPG wrinkles.JPG wrinkles 2.JPG wrinkles 5.JPG
  6. oh wow, I can't believe your bag has done that. This might be a silly idea, but is it drying out?
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    I'm thinking the same, the leather is looking a bit puckered and drying out I think, causing the leather to shrivel like that.

    Would definitely give your bag a quality leather conditioning all over, it might take a few gentle coats to make it supple again. I condition my stams regularly but sometimes the older bag needs a little more conditioning because it is a different leather etc.

    Oh I see you mention that you nourish the bag frequently... it could just be the particular leather that was used. Do you know if it is calf, goat, or lambskin? Each animal hide has its unique characteristics from their own lifetime (I know it's a little morbid to think about their skin being our bags). These wrinkles may have been there to begin with, and happen to be more pronounced in ivory color, with age, etc.
  8. I might be totally in the minority here, but I think it looks fine. Soft leather does that anyway. I think it looks pretty like that.
  9. I agree with Nascar. I have some patchwork leather items and they have this distinctive look to the leather.
  10. What do you know, I just looked at pic of my purple stam (2008) and there are wrinkles too LOL, it's perfectly normal. Just never looked for them :smile:
  11. ^^

    What a beauty :heart:
  12. Thanks everyone for your comments. I think it has always been like this but seems to be getting worse. From summer season 07 and I have always taken great care of her.

    I do condition regularly and although it does look dry in the pics it feels very supple but quite different from the smooth patches. Maybe the smooth ones are just stretched more

    Rainrowan, I love your purple Stam, what a gorgeous colour :love: I dont think your wrinkles look as bad on the smaller patchwork.

    Perhaps it does just add character to the bag but I am pleased they are on the back
  13. Here is my 2008 Purple Stam. I have only lightly conditioned this on one occasion since I have owned it. I purchased this in 2008/2009.