My Mj Family!!!

  1. OK- here they are- my marc jacobs collection!
    mj group pic.JPG
  2. You've got a color for every occasion and outfit. Thanks so much for sharing! Your collection is beautiful!
  3. Your collection is gorgeous!! I love all your quilted pieces! That topaz Elise is really calling my name!! GORGEOUS!!!
  4. Thanks!
    marclover-the elise arrived yesterday from (30% coupon from tpf used of course!) AND I LOVE IT!! You should definitely get it!
  5. Gorgeous bags! I love the quilting. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Gorgeous collection. Loving the colors.
  7. AHH-forgot the wallet!!
  8. Great collection, nice assortment of colors and styles.
  9. Perfect collection
  10. so many quilted bags!
    aw, i want to take a "family portrait" too now... hahaa
  11. Beautiful collection, so colorful I love it! Your collection inspires me to venture out with color.
  12. The turquoise Elise is stunning...
  13. Beautiful collection!!
  14. I spy a quilted fan! haha! lovely - those are my fave style too!
  15. BEAUTIFUL! Such a pretty set of colors to look at!