my mixed bags

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  1. my bag collection's consist of lots of vintage finds and some of designer's favourites that i love... i have like 1 more box of bags that i left at my parents house cause i have not enough space on my new apartment :P

    let me know what u girls think :shame:
    sorry, my camera is terrible...
    small_DSCN1178.jpg small_DSCN1179.jpg small_DSCN1180.jpg small_DSCN1182.jpg
  2. very nice collection! love the LVs :smile:
  3. great collection.
  4. thank u... i'm thinking of adding a MC PTI wallet in black, because my white MC gets dirty easily... i'm not a really gentle user :P
  5. love the panda agenda, great collection
  6. thanks chanel, i also love that panda a lot :smile:
  7. Aww.. the panda agenda is too adorable, and you have a carnet as well ! Very cute collection.
  8. pretty collection!
  9. love your bags!!!
  10. I love that purple balenciaga!
  11. thank u girls... and Munchkyn , that purple shopper is my favourites too, i carry it everywhere
  12. Nice collection!!!
  13. great collection, love your vintage bags! who makes the bags in the 3rd picture? they are so cute.
  14. Love your vintage bags, very unique beading and workmanship. Those bagettes with the girl, cat and owl tapestry is adorable!
  15. Lovely collection, especially your LV's.
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