my miumiu coffer bag

  1. I've searching for the brown leather coffer for 2 months, and I called the Miumiu Milan, Paris and London, they told me those brown coffer bags were sold out and never come back again, so finally I bought a light brown one (Camel) in Paris via post. it's also very beautiful and I'm already falling love with it:heart:
    my miumiu.jpg
  2. Congrats..Thats the same one I bought!!VERY pretty color..isnt it?I like it better than the darker brown
  3. thanks!!! :heart:
    I've just read your post, you got the same one ! :nuts:
    since I've got this bag, I cancelled the waiting list in NM for the brown one.
  4. ^ I actually was very bad ..Bought too many bags that looked the same..So I sadly sold my Coffer.It looked too much like my brown Gauffre Prada PHH gave me and he got mad!!LOL!...Will probably regret selling it!
  5. oh, sad to hear this......
    but I have to say ur brown Gauffre Prada is AMAZING.....
    and I was told that the leather is even softer than coffer bag......
    maybe I'll buy it also someday when I think I'm mature enough to have it.

    BTW, what is PHH?
  6. PHH=Purse hating hubby..LOL
  7. lol @ PHH acronym
  8. So beautiful, congrats. =)
    Jill's the cutest, she came up with PHH several months ago. =)
  9. omg!! your bag is sooo beautiful! you have inspired me to buy one in camel too! My saleslady said that they are getting them in camel.. but I didn't know what colour it was cos she didn't have a pic.. but its love at first sight from seeing yours! thanks for posting!!
  10. thanks guys :smile:
    happy to hear that you also love this bag!

    chloe2006, yeah, u should get this one!!!
  11. Congratulations.