My Mitzy Messenger and my new season bags review


Jan 22, 2009
Leeds, UK
Today was very exciting as I have bought the new Mitzy Messenger bag in turquoise. :yahoo:
I've attached some photos but my photography skills aren't the best so my apologies!

As other people have already said, the soft pebbled leather is so beautifully soft and squishy to the touch and the bag is so light. The shop assistant Cathy (in the Leeds store) was lovely and we had a chat for ages. I asked her about the "knotting" of the strap to make a shoulder bag, and she said that to do this you don't unattach the strap, you just take it at the top and double knot it. I don't want to try this with mine in case it damages the strap so sorry, no photos of this!

I had a look at the other bags in the Mitzy range too. The hobo is really big (but still light) and the tote can be converted into a messenger, but is £100 more expensive than the Mitzy messenger so you would have to want to use it as a tote too I think to justify the extra money. The tote is going to be sold in the turquoise and lipstick (pink) colours too (I had a look at the information book they have behind the counter) but for some reason these are not on sale yet.

Cathy also showed me the leather swatches for all the other new season bags that are "coming soon" on the website. I saw on another thread that someone asked about the champagne leather on the mabel and mabel hobo. From seeing the swatch, I don't think the metallic finish will rub off. The leather was like the goatskin leather on my mabel, which has a really nice grain and does not scratch. The spongey leathers weren't that spongey I thought, but I suppose it's difficult to see what an entire bag would be like from a small swatch!

Hope you like the pictures. If you're thinking of buying the Mitzy Messenger then do it - you won't regret it. One last thing, I'm not sure if my photos will do the bag justice, but the colour really is like Tiffany Blue. It's gorgeous! :heart:



Nov 1, 2008
thanks for sharing your experience and congrats on your new bag!!! it looks really good on you! :yes::tup:


Mar 1, 2006
Great bag, beautiful colour - it looks so good on you! And thanks for the report, very interesting read!


Dec 13, 2006
Congratulations - it looks stunning on you. Really suits you :heart:

It was me that asked about the champagne leather - thanks very much for the report. I am going to start saving for it :yahoo: My one concern was the leather but if it seems like its goatskin :drool: My fave!

Thanks :tup:


Nov 30, 2006
Bath, UK
Bamberio, I am waiting for my MM in turquoise to arrive so loved seeing the pics of yours and your report. Thanks!
I got a hint that they may well be bringing out a smaller version of the hobo - now that would be on my wish list.