My Misshapen Wapity...

  1. I use my mono wapity as a camera case for my canon powershot. It is a near perfect fit, and once I can cram it inside it zips all the way around nicely. The problem is that I have to stretch the opening pretty wide anytime I get the camera out or put it away. I recently noticed that the vachetta piping all around the face is not straight anymore due to all the stretching out. :crybaby:Am I being really anal that I care?!
    So does anyone out there have any advice for bringing the wapity back to its original shape? I thought about putting cardboard along the edges for support.
  2. No, not at all!!! I would feel the same way!!! Hope you find a solution! ;)
  3. Do you have the pics? I try to picture it in my head but failed:shame: Sorry I am very visual..

    Sorry, to hear about your wapity, I guess you can try with that cardboard or put it inside a box and let it rest against the box wall and stuff the other side of the wall with paper.
  4. ohh good idea! I should try doing both... stuffing it with cardboard then putting it in the box!
    It's not like it's a completely oblong shape now, but instead of the lines of vachetta going straight along the sides of the rectangle, they are curvy so the canvas sags outwards. I dunno, my bf thinks I am being crazy.
    I can't find that dang cord that lets me upload pics to my computer since we moved. I would be posting all over those visual aids stickies too, will try to get that going soon.
  5. i hope it goes back to how it used to be.
  6. I would stuff it and give it a rest for awhile. Have you considered not using it as a camera bag anymore? I would consider that if you would like to preserve the condition of your wapity by using it for smaller items that would put less strain on the wapity. By the way, I know little things like that would bug me too, my boyfriend (recently ex) would think I'm crazy but laugh about it in a good way! :P
  7. I agree! considering that you're wapity's almost 1/2 the price (or at least 1/3) of your camera,'s kinda precious.....I don't think it's a good idea to stuff it like that.....
  8. Yup, you guys are all right. I definitely am not using it for my camera case anymore, and I also recommend for the other wapity owners to NOT stuff theirs so full. Especially because the camera has sharp corners that are always pushing against the canvas. I called 866 vuitton and they advised me that canvas can actually STRETCH from the constant pressure of being overstuffed. :wtf: So I would actually say this for any LV with canvas. An option for me was to have it taken apart and restitched tighter, but I don't think I will go through with that. It's not a big enough deal for me to send it off for repairs. I will still try to reshape it back into a box shape though.
  9. Leather stretches too, The canvas is no differnt. Sorry about your wapity :sad:
    Casio digitals fit perfectly. I carry a lot of stuff in my wapity & still fit my camera in there, but now I'll be more careful.
  10. :lecture:Yes, let this be a lesson to all wapity owners! Don't overstuff... be kind to your wapity!