My mirror fell apart!

  1. So I was taking my mirror out of my Ball and the back came off the mirror. It was quite shocking, it's not like I'm always pulling out the mirror to gaze upon my loveliness, I usually forget it's there.

    Any suggestions on the best glue to use to repair it? I don't want to take to it to BV for repairs because presumably that would cost money, just need a good leather/mirror glue. Thanks!
  2. Superglue??? It's pretty lightweight and at least once you've glued the mirror back in place it won't budge. What does the inside of the leather frame look like, is it leather or is it lined with some kind of backing?
  3. ^I'll take a picture when I get home, it occurred to me that you guys might be interested to see what the inside of the mirror looks like!

    PLUS I have a new bag to show off...
  4. hovercraftier- thanks so much. can't wait to see your new bag.
  5. hover,
    cant wait for your pics!
  6. Sorry to hear! I would use a glue gun used in crafts - so it's not actually glue - just wax - and it holds great on all types of surfaces, even mirror-backs! *not that I do crafts* :shame: LOL

    Can't wait to see your new addition!!
  7. hovercraftier, oh no, i'm really sorry to hear that! i was quite worried about my mirrors too - they don't look very hardy so i don't even use them. they are just kept in the dustbag. my sa has actually told me a horror story about the mirror - one of her customers sent the mirror back to bv in italy to get it reparied, and it took 3 months for it to get back to her again, so i totally understand why you don't want to send it back to bv.

    hope that glue will help you sort out the mirror problem - do let us know it it's worked out for you or not.
  8. Here's a picture for anyone who was curious what the inside of the mirror looks like. I'm going to try a very tiny amount of superglue and see what happens.
  9. Kind of... ordinary. Not sure what I expected it to look like, though!