My Miroir Speedy is here!!

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  1. Just picked up my Miroir Speedy in Silver today and bought one for my mom too! :yahoo:

    Here is mine :heart: :


    I love looking at it soo much, I am a little nervous about wearing it. Its very dramatic.

    I might just stare at it all night!
  2. :nuts: You're sooo sweet.:love: Congrats to you and your mum!!!!:yahoo: Great pic too.

    congratulations selena :love:
  4. very nice.
  5. It's just perfect, how sweet of you to get one for your mom too, congrats to both of you!!!
  6. Thanks guys! :smile:

    Funny story, when my SA brought them out to me today, I took it and walked by the mirror to look at myself carrying it and some women said "OH GOD, you have to be kidding!" LOL I guess she didnt like it! LOL

    Oh well! I honestly dont think its a bad I am going to wear all the time but its soo freaking pretty. Like a little piece of art. So I was sold.
  7. Congrats Selena!!!! :biggrin: It looks great!
  8. Congrats:love:
  9. It is beautiful. The nerve of that woman. You should have smacked her with it. Just kidding. Did your mom get the silver also? Congrats.
  10. congrats to you and how generous to get one for your Mom too! Rock it!!!
  11. It's GORGEOUS!
    Can *I* be your mom???
  12. :yahoo::yahoo: Awesome purchase, Congrat's.

  13. I still can't believe it's so shiny!!! lol
  14. Selena, congrats it's so gorgeous! No wonder, I would stare at it all night, too. LOL If I could position a nightlight next to it and watch it sparkle I'd be on happy girl.
  15. That is hot.