My Miroir Pochette dilemma..


Aug 17, 2006
Well i went to Louis Vuitton last weekend and they did save me a silver pochette, which i was soooo happy about, since it had no scratches whatsoever!! So when i got home i decided to use some Ph milk cleanser, as suggested by some lovely TPFer on my other pochette and guess what!! What SA and I thought was a scratch turned put to be glue! It came off right away. So now i have two beautiful silver pochettes and i am feeling kinda silly since i dont want to take it back but at the same time i dont need two pochettes. I was hoping to exchange it for gold one but SA told me they were sold out..What do you think i should do? Should i just take it back and keep one or keep both in case one scratches? By the way i also got myself the disco ball keychain and i absolutely love it!!! Will post pictures when i get home!! :yes:
But really, what use do you have for two pochettes? If you scratch one, are you just going to put it away and keep it in the closet and use the unscratched one? :shrugs: If you really want to keep them, it's your choice I guess :smile: