My Miroir Lockit arrived today but...

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  1. There is a slight scratch on it. :crybaby:It doesn't seem to be a scratch really because there are no grooves to the touch. I used a jeweler's loupe and it seems to be a defect when they applied the metal coat on the vinyl. Should I return?
  2. It would be hard to exchange it for another, since it's difficult to come by....but if they can find you another one, I would ask if you aren't happy with it....oh....I do see it in your pic.....
    can you live with it?
  3. If it's going to bother you then you should.. it's very hard to ignore something like that. You'll end up thinking about it all the time. ( I would anyway)
  4. ITA, If you know that a defect is there and you have paid full store price then its hard to not notice. i would return for a diff one but if there isnt one available then its up to you.
  5. before you do try getting a really really soft cloth and buff it, it may fix it. I'm not sure how the miroirs are made but I don't think it is metal coating on vinyl
  6. oh no..sorry to hear that :sad: I would call them and let them know that it came with the scratch and see what they say..hopefully they could locate another one for you..good luck
  7. I tried that already but from the looks of it, it is "underneath" the coating.
  8. OMG dat looks bad! Honestly if mine was like that I really wouldn't buy it I would rather not have one or wait for another.

  9. I hate to receive anything that is not perfect, know how you feel. I would try to exchange.
  10. I don't think you would be able to not think about it every time you looked at your bag, and you want to have that great feeling every time you look at it.

    Hopefully you will be able to exchange for another one, it would be worth it even if you had to wait for one.

    Good luck!
  11. I would definitely try a little light buffing and if that doesn't work return/exchange it.
  12. I would call hoping to exchange .. it's very minor but I'm sure something that would bug you -- you paid full price for a perfect bag!
  13. I honestly don't even notice it. But if it really bothers you, take it back. Even if you can't get another one, there'll be other bags.
  14. Yes, return it if it bothers you!!!
  15. The letters on my LVOE tote have this same problem. I am not a fan of it at all! I will take pics later and post them for you. I returned 3 totes before getting this one, which was the best of them all, but none were perfect. I am not sure the cause but it stinks!