My Miroir Card Holder

  1. I finally got it.... Lemme know what you think...
    Size.JPG Size vs Money.JPG
  2. (Oops) I forgot to add that it's just for show... I'm afraid of scatching it.
  3. wow!! congrats!! i never saw this b4....really nice!!:yes::yes::nuts:
  4. It's very nice!!!!....may I know the cost?
  5. Thanks - says it was a VIP gift!
  6. I think it was 585$
  7. I would freak about putting fingerprints all over it, but maybe the material doesn't show them?

    Anyways it's lovely!
  8. Nice .. Not sure i'd spend that kind of money but Congrat's to you,and enjoy.
  9. Very Rare and Gorgeous! :love:

    Congrats! :yahoo:
  10. Wow! That is differnent, but I like it! A little pricey though. Congrats!
  11. What a fantastic exclusive piece!
  12. Thanks :smile:

    It wipes off easy...
  13. I have never seen it before. Totally love it... Was it hard to get? Did u get put on waitlist?
  14. I actually found it on She says she got it from a VIP showing, and that it was exclusive to that party.
  15. Congratulations.