My mirage is waiting for me at the boutique: but im sitting here...

  1. Oh gosh, its happened again!
    I waitlisted for the mirror and i turned it down, now my mirage is waiting for me, the only one they have and im still sitting here!
    What is wrong with me?!?!:sad:

    I dont know, maybe im not ready for LE pieces... Maybe i think a £600 mark up is too much... I'm also feeling guilty as i was like make sure you save it for me blah blah blah, and now im like i want it 40% but 60% of me thinks no!

    Im annoying myself to be honest! I have sold all my LV pieces except my damier speedy, i think im in two minds because i have gone off LV slightly...

    Just wanted to vent!:confused1:
  2. I'm not feeling the love for the mirage either I'm waitlisted but no call yet I was WL for the griet but then relised the price was insane and switched to the speedy but I have a number of speedies and for some reason I just don't love it.

    Mr Label thinks I'm nuts he says it's beautiful

    To be honest I don't really love any of the fall collection, I listed for things I like best out of the options as they usually grow on you until their release but they haven't I'll most likely pass on everything and do an SO instead.
  3. Dont buy it if ur not sure about it. But a hint of advice: THE MIRAGE LINE IS GORGEOUS !!!
  4. Dont buy it if you dont think you would love it.
  5. if your close enough why don't you at least go and take a look at it you never know you may fal in love when you see it if not then at least you won't doubt your decision
  6. UHM....I will go buy it for you!! lol
  7. I do think it's pretty and unique looking-I say get it!!! :smile:
  8. I think its gorgeous too!! But if you don't LOVE it I don't think you should get it!
  9. Oh no!!! I'm sure you'll fall in LVoe with it when you go there. I hope you reconsider, but if you really don't like it, then might as well give it a fellow LV Lover.
  10. I think its beautiful and have waitlisted but the price is a little scary...
  11. Claire, thats exactly how im feeling! I may go in tomorrow and have a look but i really dont think i will change my mind...
    Im just worried that they wont wl me for anything else now!
  12. it could make things harder but at the end of the day you do have the right to refuse and if you do it fairly quickly it doesn't really make that much difference, one day is really neither here nor there.

    I don't think their as strict on that policy outside of London anyway
  13. Go get it! bring it home and admire it, if it doesnt work return it.
  14. ^ you can't get your money back in the UK only store credit so that's not always the best option especially if your not feeling anything of the current collections
  15. I say go with what your heart says... Good Luck! :biggrin: