My Mint 05 Indigo First!

  1. I found a mint condition 05 indigo first on evilbay! It's so pretty, and I am in love with the first style. It's perfect for when I don't need to carry a lot!

    I have just recently lost my French Blue coin purse, so this softens the blow. I also just ordered a Tomato coin purse to replace it, since there is no chance of finding another FB one.

    Here is a picture in my light tent and on my bed with flash. I will try to get daylight pictures tomorrow! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


  2. so gorgeous!! i've always loved indigo--it's such a dynamic color :love:
    congrats on such a rare find!
  3. LOVE IT! I bet it looks great with jeans!
  4. ultra gorgeous! congrats!
  5. lovely! congrats, it's so cute!
  6. Thanks guys, I am in love with this bag.
  7. oMG! what a great find. i love that color!!!!
  8. GORGEOUS!!:yahoo: I absolutely LOVE indigo and the leather is just TDF!!:love: Congrats, Impasto!:tender::heart:
  9. oh my, gorgeous! :drool::drool: i love indigo, congratulations!!
  10. So gorgeous! The First is may fav style and your Indigo is HOT! Congrats
  11. Wow that was an amazing grab! She is adorable and perfect...Nicole Ritchie would be very envious!
  12. Really beautiful colour and leather - congratulations on such a super find.
  13. Congrats on the amazing find!! Looks like a really pretty blue.
  14. :tup: congrats!! It's such a great find: rare and vibrant color in perfect condition!
  15. Oh wow what amazing condition!!! Congrats on your beautiful first!