my mini toki family

  1. my first toki - paradiso gioco

    my second treasure - l'amore stellina
    sStellinaFront.jpg sStellinaBack.jpg

    my third baby
    sCiaoInside.jpg sCiaoBack.jpg

    and waiting for my baby bella from SH outlet - camo playground black!! :yahoo:
  2. :wtf: awww, i messed it up! oh well.
  3. Cute bags!
  4. Very nice. I think Amore is one the prints that looks best on Stellina since it has smaller images. Very cute!:yes:
  5. aww, very cute collection ^__^
  6. Your Paradiso gioco has cute placement!! The Hawaiian girlie and Skyler (the punk rocker boy)!!
  7. hahaha awww cute! we have similar bag taste! i have an amore stellina and a newly acquired foresta ciao ciao...and i LUV paradiso (my fav print of all time!) :yahoo:
  8. cute! i love that blue rocker boy ...skyler!! :biggrin:
  9. cuute toki family :biggrin:
    i lovvee bastardino and polpettina on your stellina!!!
  10. Very nice! Really love your Foresta Ciao Ciao!

    Hope your new addition arrives soon :smile:
  11. thx guys! i'm getting my bella today! woo hoo! (i had no idea the blue haired rocker boy was called skyler!) i need to study my toki history! :yes:
  12. oh, gosh! that l'amore stellina is too cute!!!!:heart:
  13. nice bags! congratz!
  14. Congratulations.
  15. Great collection! How are you liking your bella? I was surprised with how much I loved the bella - it looks great in use!