My Mini Shopping Spree!

  1. So I've had my name on a wait list for the Amarante Zippy and Rosewood and still hadn't heard anything. Today I decided to head down to Holts and see if they had received anything in (and plus I had my heart set on a Damier Speedy). They did have some Vernis Amarante wallets, but not the Zippy yet, however, they had the Pochette which I also loved (it's the same style as my monogram wallet which works really well for me). I couldn't wait any longer for an Amarante piece, so I went for the Pochette. And what a beauty she is! It's probably just as well because the more I thought about the Zippy, the more I wondered how many times I'd get paper stuck in the zipper!

    Then I wanted to get a new cosmetics case for my bag and had a look at some options. I ended up going with the Damier Mini Accessories Pouch which fit all my makeup I carry with me (he had me try it!). I really liked the Monogram Pouch as well with the circle LV logo ... LOVED the interior, but there was something about the Damier that I liked a bit better. Oh! And the other thing I love is that it's multi-purpose. I can use it instead of a purse if I just want to carry my cash, etc., with me.

    Then ... the piece I went down to check out ... the Damier Speedy 30. I have a Cerises Speedy 25 and really love the size. I don't carry alot with me so it's the perfect size for me, however, I was thinking of the 30 more for the winter so I'll have room to carry my gloves, etc. with me. I don't mind the sag either ... infact, I kinda like the way it slouches a bit (of course, that's without alot in it). Anyway, I think it will be perfect!

    So here's the happy family. I took an additional separate photo of the Vernis Amarante in the window so the colour would show how gorgeous it is! Gosh I love this colour! Now I can't wait until the Rosewood comes in. And when it does ... then I'm due for a purse BAN! :yes:
    family.jpg Amarante.jpg
  2. yay congrats! love them all!
  3. Congrat's..
  4. Congrats I love them all
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. congrats, love your damier set! i would like to use my mini pochette in azur as a makeup pouch..but guess not due to the light color...that's why i've always wanted a damier mini pochette!
  7. congrats!
  8. wow......congrats on your nice stuff!!!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. ooohhhh Amarante and damier,what a hot combo! Hadn't thought of that one before, they are tres gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. Congrats!! Love your purchases!:tup:
  12. congrats!! love the speedy!
  13. Congrats!!
    The more i see that Damier Speedy the more i want it!
  14. Beautiful pieces! Very elegant!
  15. Yay! Love it all!