my mini rant on new s/s colors

  1. I was at the Chanel boutique in Boston and she had the lookbook- I saw everything! I think the best new reissue color (because of its uniqueness) might have been the green. It was bright, not quite lime, but just exquisite!:drool::drool: The purple also hints at a dark violet-ish color and the navy was stunning as well! :tup: What I wasn't impressed with were the new classic colors... the just seem dull, I guess! :tdown:

    So, Has anyone else seen the new colors coming out!?!? What are your thoughts...

    ps Mods if this is too similar to any other posts, I'm sorry! Feel free to delete TIA
  2. What were the new classic colors?
  3. In the look book for s/s 08, the classic flap colors listed are:

    Black, navy, salmon, pink (medium shade of pink), light pink, yellow and dark white.

    It said 4 flap, 3 accordian (meaning the bags), so I think these colors are for all the flaps, even the accordian ones.

    In the book these colors did not look very bright, they seemed rather dull looking, but I'm hoping IRL they look much better! :shame:
  4. It also says on that same page in the look book:

    New turn lock, rounded CC
    Contrast lambskin lining
    "accordeons" exclusive, new "stud chain"
    8 matching SLG (I have no clue what SLG means)
  5. I *think* SLG is implying matching wallets.
  6. Ooh, girls, do you know if the classic flap bags will be available in caviar? I'd dying for a blue or yellow caviar flap, but I don't know if the boutiques will be carrying them. Thanks! :biggrin:
  7. Hi DD! :smile:

    How did the navy look? I read in another thread that there will be an electric blue, did you happen to see that one?
  8. No silver or gold reissues?
  9. ^^^Was this what the green looked like? This pic was posted earlier in another thread by joyfishyu:

  10. I saw this wallet this past weekend. I was VERY tempted to buy it. It's Lama skin. The green is so scrumptuous and the leather so yummy.

  11. What about the metallic red reissue??? Did you catch a glimpse?
  12. Mon you should have purchased the wallet. It is sooooooooo yummy!
  13. No the green is much more beautiful then this wallet (which I personally am not a fan of) and yes there was both a silver and gold reissue and a light silver... so 2 silvers on a normal one (not the dark of last year) and a similar one that is brighter. I asked if maybe it was a mistake but the SA confirmed that there would be 2 distinct silvers! Also the hardwear looked silver to me... not the mixed gold/silver that was rumored to be a possibility!
  14. The navy color for the classic flaps looked rather dark, but remember it was only a small color swatch in the look book. But it did look quite dark.

    The navy for the reissue looked GORGEOUS:yahoo:, this blue is a medium shade, with very slight undertones of a slate blue. It's vibrant while still being a deep shade. It's not a bright and electric blue shade, but for those who love blue, this is a beautiful bag. This color is just gorgeous. Yet in the tiny swatch color they show for it in the book, it doesn't look so great.

  15. I saw this color in the book,a small swatch. It looked like a deep blood red, very rich and saturated. I loved it. My SA at the time was not sure if the Chanel boutiques would get it, she thought maybe is was a NM, or Saks purchase. But that red color was a thing of BEAUTY!:yes: