My mini-pouchette and I need couple's therapy...

  1. I'm having "issues" with my minipouchette accessory.:sad:

    I brought this into my life so I would have something nice to protect my motorolaQ cell/pda so it doesn't have to float around my handbag and can protected.

    It is doing a great job !

    However, I am having issues with the gold chain, for some reason it bothers me, should I cut it off ? I never had a gold chain on anything - I only bought it because it fit the phone (the wapity was too small). :s

    please help me with my issues.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated
  2. To be honest..the only thing I love about this bag is the gold chain..Don't cut it :crybaby:

    You can always sell it and get normal pochette and remove the strap. I think it's mean to cut the chain LOL:lol: ..
  3. The title of this thread is cute! Don't cut off the chain. It will reduce the resale value of the item if you ever plan on selling it to trade up. How about detaching one end of the chain and hooking it to the D-ring inside a larger LV?
  4. don't cut it!!! the chain's so cute.
  5. Put down the wire cutters! Slowly, put them down and back away from the bag!

    lol, seriously, don't do's too cute!
  6. I think the gold chain is the cutest part - don't cut it !!

    If you're looking for something for your cell phone, you could always get an antigua plate, or one of those cute MC flat pochettes. :yes:
  7. I LOVE the gold chain!! Don't cut it!!! :crybaby:
  8. No don't alter the bag it will lose its value...
  9. good point:yes:
  10. okay, okay, i get it !
    me and the mini-pouchette will take better care of each other :rolleyes:
  11. ^^^Wise choice!!
  12. NO! girl the gold chain is the best option b/c you can attach it to the D ring and then you don't have to worry about it being "lost" in your bag.

    OT: but I so want to get the Motorolla Q! The only problem I have is that the screen is much smaller comparing to the Treo650. What phone did you have before that? How does it compare? Are you familiar with the Treo650...I think the Q is about the same size right? I like Motorolla but their battery life sucks. TIA.
  13. i had the LG before, so this is the first time I am cruising the internet and getting email.
    I hear the treo might be the better choice, but i wanted a more into phone.

    PS: yes my mini-pouchette is still in-tact and will continue to be ! We had an outing together today and all was well, learning to appreciate each other.
  14. yeah just get one of the straps for the reg pochettes
  15. Nooooooo! Don't do it!
    I love the chain!!!