My mini pochette was stolen :(

Hi everyone,

So my darling mini pochette mono was stolen from my bag a few days ago :sad: she was my everyday wallet, for stuff I always need and use, like my debit cards, driving licence etc. She was a souvenir from a trip I took to Paris with my sister, bought at the "Mothership store". I loved that little bag so much, she was like my little companion, and I really miss her. I guess I just wanted to share this here, I know other LV lovers can sympathize.

I've been dealing with some sad stuff lately, and I know bags aren't the most important thing in life, but... Sigh... Thanks for letting me vent here.



May 29, 2014
I'm so sorry this happened! People can be so rotten sometimes :/. You are right, bags aren't everything but especially something so sentimental I would be upset too. Keep your chin up :smile:


Jun 12, 2014
Toronto, Canada
So sorry to hear that, my wallet got stolen last year as well (not a LV though), I was so upset cos I had to replace all my bank cards and IDs, plus it's just not a good felling when people do that to you!

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Feb 17, 2011
So sorry about your loss. I can't believe it was stolen from inside your handbag. Was your bag unattended even for a few seconds?
Thanks everyone.

I was at the local mall, at the supermarket actually, and the pochette was inside my bag, a plain, canvas bag (not an LV) that doesn't close on top (kinda like a Neverfull meets Galliera type of bag). It was hanging of the handle of my son's pram (a Stokke, so it was kind of high, but not really firmly attached to the handle). I was taking my time doing the shopping, like, I'd stop at one shelf, maybe walk a few feet further with the pram to my right or left (I'm always looking at the pram/talking to my son, but I'm not exactly keeping an eye on the bag itself, cause it's completely hidden by the seat of the pram, yeah... stupid of me) A couple of times I had to reach all the way up or down, to get what I wanted, and eventually I looked at the bag, and saw that one of the handles was hanging all weird... I immediately thought of my little LV, and sure enough, when I looked into the bag - no pochette in sight. The staff at the store looked at the surveillance videos, but they said they saw no one suspicious. I was just kind of in shock, and very upset, cause obviously not only had I been robbed, I couldn't even pay for the food I had to buy, my licence was gone, I just wanted to leave that place asap, get home, and start cancelling all the cards, making the calls etc.

Lesson learned I guess. I appreciate all your kind words. Thank you!


Sep 4, 2012
:hugs: I'm so sorry this happened to you :hugs:

A similar thing happened to me a few years ago, my gucci purse was stolen from my bag which was in the pushchair basket. I was lucky the whole bag didn't get taken with my car and house keys but I was very upset as the bag and purse were bought after the birth of my second son.

It has taught me to be more vigilant and due to this it's never happened again and I'm much more careful. I hope you're able to replace it soon, but it's a shame the happy memory it had has been saddened.