My mini LV family!

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  1. Here is my little LV family!

  2. LVoely! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Very nice. I hope you are enjoying each one of them. I treat each one of my bags as if they are my babies. hahaha crazy right?! lolz..
  4. You have a great collection..We are wallet and cles twins! I am hoping to get the Artsy this week...
  5. Love the variety of your collection! Each piece is useful in its own way.
  6. They are all very nice!!
  7. LVoely family :smile: thank you for sharing.... I loveee your Popincourt!!! A beauty indeed :hugs:
  8. That's a great collection. I want a bag in each Canvas too.
  9. Very nice collection, congrats !
  10. Lovely, congrats:smile:
  11. What a pretty collection! I vote for Vernis next!
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    Yes, brea in vernis!
  13. small but smart collection, i love it so much, wear them in good healthy days!
  14. Nice variety!!! Great collection!!!!
  15. Very nice collection!