My Mini Lin Speedy 30 in Dune has arrived at the store!

  1. Ooh, I'm SO excited. My SA at the San Francisco store just called and said that my bag has arrived. They only received 5 of them and I got #4! :yahoo:

    I've been home with a cold but I will probably pick it up tomorrow. I can't wait to show everyone pics! I just love the color -- it will be great for spring!
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics!!
  3. Very nice!! Congrats, can't wait to see pics! :yes:
  4. congrats, can't wait to see pics!
  5. cant wait to see pics!!!
  6. :huh:h, can't wait to see the pics!!
  7. i definetly have to see it - sounds very nice!!!!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Well, just heard from the SA ... they are not allowed to let this bag leave the store until March 1! So stay tuned until then and I will post pics!
  10. How awesome! I am anxious to see pics... :nuts:
  11. i can't wait to see actual pics of this bag... i think i might really like this color!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Sounds super nice...

  14. ahhhhh!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!!

    I can't wait to see this color!!
  15. Congrats. Can't wait to see pictures.