My mini lily was ordered.... Yipee!

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  1. :woohoo:The charge came thru on my card for my backorder - i am so freakin excited....

    I wasnt sure it would go thru, only because I am not sure what the back order policy really is... i am going to call my SA tomorrow and see when it will come in..... :yahoo:
  2. Congrats! How exciting! I didn't know you can order the Mini Lily already! What colors does it come in? I wonder if I can order it now, too? Can you get the PCE discount on it? TIA!
  3. I just called my nearest coach store and they didnt have the mini lily in their system yet. Witch one did u order at?
  4. Will you get back to us on this because i backed ordered her also. CS explained it to me that they pre-authorize your card then when its avail. they ship it. If I understand it right they take it off you avail balance of your card and if they dont fullfill the order depending on your bank within say 5-7 days the money comes back avail. as far as i know this bag is aval. around the 3rd or 4th of Dec.but maybe you got lucky.let us know!
  5. well, the day I called them up, they put thru a 1.00 and then 2 days latter, the whole charge came thru.... so hopefully this means something...

    I ordered the black, and yes, since I ordered during PCE and my SA said I am a great customer (which I am) she would have no problem giving me the discount when it came in. I really hope this all works out... I will call her today and update this thread...
  6. Oh, please post pics when you get it! I'm going in today to backorder the camel!
  7. they are checking right now for me and will call me back - i am crossing my fingers - i really want to get this bag - i am thinking now, maybe i should have ordered the Camel and not black - maybe in the spring - wouldnt it be awesome if they came out w/ a red Lily? oh and how about the pond color in a mini as well???? yowzaa.... ok, i have to stop - mut get back to work and make monies to keep up w/ my obsession:yahoo:
  8. I want Lily sooooo bad!!!! Post pics!
  9. I'm just back from my boutique... I carried my new mini Lily thinking they'd be all over it & drooling... they weren't...

    They said they already had them in the back & would be putting them out the day after Christmas.
  10. Search my other posts.. I have a whole bunch of pictures posted of both Big & Little Lily!
  11. I wanna see sounds really cute...
  12. I want one!! Anyone know if they're coming in other colors?
  13. Are you kidding me! Its still very pretty!How was it carrying her did you love her? do you love the camel color? is it like the leagacy camel or differnt? I backed ordered her in camel maybe she will come earlier than christmas!
  14. Tink, is mini a lot lighter than regular? What store did you go to? I'd like to call them and have them hold one for me. Thanks!
  15. ^^ It is much lighter than the big Lily but after 3 hrs of shopping w/ her in the crook of my arm, I could still feel it... I don't have any of the other Legacy Camel to do a side by side but I'd have to say it's the same.

    It was at the Christiana DE boutique but I'll be honest with you, they aren't the most cooperative... for instance they wouldn't even let me hold a wallet that they had out on the back counter right before the last Floor Set change, because 'It wasn't Out yet'... So when they say day after Christmas, they mean day after Christmas!!

    Good luck all!!