My mini Italy haul

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  1. I recently went for a 12 days trip to Italy with my bf. I am absolutely in love with that country! It has given me so much memories. Our first stop was Venice, then Florence, and lastly to Rome. Got Fendi items from each state! Let me share them with you :smile: image.jpg
  2. Got the peekaboo, strap you and lagoon from the Fendi store in Venice. It was really small but pretty well stocked !
  3. Then we headed over to Florence, and we visited the mall outlet located at Tuscany. No bags caught my eye there. They only had the 2jours in the outlet, no peekaboos Nor 3jours Nor by the ways. Got three items there, a small Monster coin pouch, a pair of by the way earrings and matching necklace.
  4. The earrings are Super sparkly in real life !
  5. Matching necklace in snake skin and gold hardware. Love all the details. Even the small little stud at the clasp is such a nice touch
  6. At Rome, my Bf surprised me with this mini by the way in pink. I also got the Monster twilly to wrap the handle of my peekaboo. That's all folks! Will do my Hermes haul over at the Hermes thread :P my bf and I thoroughly enjoyed Italy and we will definitely go back soon !
  7. Big big congrats, bspcc87! Everything is gorgeous! :hbeat::loveeyes: Your Lagoon is so cute! :love: And I agree with you about Italy as it is my favorite place in the world! :cloud9:

  8. Wow!!:nuts: what an incredible trip️.

    The color of your peekaboo is drool worthy......and I have never personally seen your incredible BTW jewelry. I adore it all:loveeyes:
  9. Congratulations on your amazing Fendi purchases. Sounds like you had such an unforgettable time in Italy as well. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Congrats. I love all your goodies. The pink btw is so cute. I love the monster twilly too.
  11. Fantastic haul from Fendi! ️️️
  12. Thanks everyone!
  13. What a great haul! This is the Strap Up I want so badly! The reverse side is orange right? :love:
  14. love everything! the twilly is so cute! congratulations on a great trip and all the fendi goodness
  15. I love the coin pouch! congrats:smile::smile: