My mini haul................ :)

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  1. so I treated myself today.........and I found some lovely things........:yahoo: if I do say so myself

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  2. slippers!!! Oh I would love coach slippers wow
  3. OMG!! LOVE the slippers!
  4. Love your slippers!!!!!!! :biggrin:
  5. Very cute slippers!
  6. Congrats! Those slippers look so comfy and warm. Enjoy your new goodies!
  7. Love the slippers have them in all black they are comfy. Great choices.
  8. Slippers!!!!
  9. You did find some cool stuff and it all!!! I LOVE those slippers have wanted them since they came out...enjoy them!! :smile: Congrats!!
  10. how comfy are the slippers.. im hoping mine get delivered today!
  11. slipppers!! YUM!
  12. nice did not know they made slippers
  13. cuuutte black stuff love it all
  14. Nice buys, those slippers are super cute!
  15. Those slippers look like a slice of Heaven!!