My mini Coachie!

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  1. This is my daughter(7 next month) and her first Coach bag. Well, pouch lol. I took my new Lindsay and she wore her little pouch yesterday, and she looked so pleased to be wearing a Coach bag like mommy. :heart: She kept smiling up at me when we shopped. I talked to her before hand about it being a real bag and not a toy purse, and about keeping it on her at all times or with me in the shopping cart. So far we have been out on 3 occasions and each time she was very good about not setting it down willy nilly. She has even been wearing it around home. :roflmfao: Even my husband thinks she looks so cute wearing it.

  2. OMG, so cute!!
  3. So adorable!
  4. Your DD and her pouch are both pretty!
  5. She is sooo cute, i bet she looks like mommy. I love how you gave her some talks about taking care of the purse and not setting it down in public. That's really great that you're helping her create that kind of mind-set and it gives an opportunity for her to take care of something nice and have responsibility over it. You're teaching your daughter well. Most people wouldn't know and at first sight just think you're spoiling know the stories, yep, you can't judge a book by it's cover, and you shouldn't either.

    Cheers and many more cute purses that will be in her future to come!
  6. Aww that is too cute
  7. She's too cute and its good to start em early! My niece who is now 15 has a sizable collection due to me! I think I started her on D&B and Coach when she was about 11. You should know, it'll only get worse from here on out!

  8. Very well said! I couldnt agree more. As the mother of an almost 14-year-old who takes wonderful care of her things, your example will be the reason she grows up to appreciate all that she has, from designer bags to big plastic peace signs hanging around her neck!
  9. ^^ aww thanks :shame:, i just think we need to raise the kids better and it makes me really happy to see that we have some great Coach mums out there!!

    very well said too! this last part made me laugh.
  10. So so cute. This makes me sad that i will never have a daughter. I only have Sons. Who will i leave my purses to when i die? LOL. Thank God i have a niece. Only 1 tho.
  11. Aaww thanks ladies!
  12. Hahaha, very cute.

  13. this is so cute, what charm is on her bag?
  14. I'm grinning ear-to-ear! Your daughter is adorable!

    What does she carry in her purse?
  15. What a cutie!!